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Infographic CV

Includes 1 x 30 minute session


Stand out from the crowd and draw employer's attention by turning your CV into an infographic. We can make all your CV information easy to comprehend and put it into context for the role or industry you are targeting, leaving you with a fresh, engaging design that will catch a recruiter's eye.

Every CV is designed with your industry in mind and adapted to your needs.

We will help you reduce the amount of information that goes into the CV for a better impact and an easier read, resulting in recruiters getting the message about what you have to offer to employers.

What is an Infographic CV?

Infographic — An infographic takes a large amount of information in text or numerical form and then condenses it into a combination of images and text, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the data contains. –Techopedia

Why use this type of CV?

People love infographics because our brains are wired to respond to visual storytelling. Images grab our attention.

A great infographic uses those images to tell a story and inspire you to share that story with others.

The magic of infographics can even make your resume more engaging, which is just what you need to get noticed in a competitive job market.

Remember: a resume is a marketing document designed to engage the hiring manager, get you the interview, and eventually land you the job.

What’s included?

• Timeline – Infographic resumes often use a visual timeline to show employment history, key achievements, and career milestones.

• Quotes/References – You can feature testimonials and quotes from current and former managers, clients, or colleagues. You can also quote press mentions and other positive buzz about you. These are strong credibility builders.

• Photo – People respond to photos. If you’ve got a good one (professional and flattering and conveying the right image), use it.

• Headline/Tagline – Use a headline format to summarize who you are. You can focus solely on the professional or add a bit of personality.

• Statistics – Find a way to depict your strengths in numbers. Options include number of years of experience, number of successful projects, percentage of client satisfaction, etc.

• Logos – If you’ve worked for top companies, display their logos. Employers respond positively to this. You can support your own credibility with the credibility of well-known brands. You can also feature logos of media outlets that have featured you, organizations that have honoured you, causes that you support, etc.

• Tag cloud – Several people recommended the use of a tag cloud visual to represent skills, areas of expertise, personality qualities, and/or strengths.

What you get:

✓ 30-minute consultation with career coach over Skype to help you fine-tune the content ✓ 2 page long CV infographic (PDF file) ✓ editable PSD files, so you can update your details yourself ✓ 2 design revisions

Investment: CHF 299.00 – the first 6 orders receive a special discounted price of CHF 249.00

Hurry! Don’t miss out on this great deal.

Turnaround: between 5-7 days, allowing you time to make final adjustments to the CV content and ensuring we receive prompt feedback on the designs

Additional pages: CHF99.00

Matching cover letter word document: CHF29.00

If you want our team of CV writers to lend a hand with drafting the content of your CV, please book the CV & Cover Letter Coaching service initially before purchasing this service.

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